What’s my mission?  Why Am I doing this??


Mission Statement

Why am I not being “normal” and settling down to land life?

If you scroll down and read the very beginning of www.gaiaworldtour.net you will understand my motivation for convincing Bob Riggle, the skipper of Gaia, to help me experience the world and all its different cultures, geography, and challenges.

I now start my second time around the world with the same rally, the www.bluewaterrallies.com   The first time was reconnaissance.  It was a mere tasting of the rare morsels to be experienced on this blue planet.  This time I want to do all the things I missed doing the first time around because of time restraints or just too much to choose from in too little time.

I still expect all the mechanical breakdowns, the lack of goods and services, and the problems of the language barrier.  This time around I can move faster through the barriers and find the jewels of the islands and countries and have a better understanding of our world - albeit once again on a whirlwind.

The first round the world trip I learned that Western Culture is not necessarily needed or wanted in some wonderful parts of the world.  They may wear T-shirts and jeans but they are not into all the consumer traps of me, me, and mine.  Most of the world shares their fortune with the community so that all may prosper. They will be around long after we destroy the planet with our over consumption.

May this trip bring me to a deeper understanding of the world’s peoples and their unique cultures – sometimes only an island away.   Bring it on and may I wallow in the simple ways of learning how to live on this land (and water) in harmony with nature, man, and the flora & fauna of this most unique planet.

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